This is a sampling of the small Colorado Landscapes and Still Lifes
which will be available at the Holiday Art Sale on Sat & Sun, December 9th and 10th
Doubletree Drive, Fort Collins 12pm - 4pm
100 PAINTINGS for $100 EACH

On December 11th the Sale moves online (here) for one week.
Check back then for full selection of available artworks.
Info: 303-494-4462

Bingham Hill Chamisa1
County Road at Sunset 1
For on Mesa Trail 2
Full Moon over Horsetooth Reservoir
Lory State Park 3
Horsebak on Reservoir Ridge Trail
Geese After Corn Harvest
Lory State Park
Aspens 9
Poudre River Ducks
Deer on the Mesa 1
Wonderland Lake 2
Horsetooth Reservoir 2
Skunk Creek Snow
Bobolink Trail 1
Reservoir Ridge Trail 1
Apple and Citrus
Boulder Hollyhock
Blue Wheelbarrow
Pansy Shoe
Horsetooth State Park #1
Bigham Hill Harvest
North Boulder Meadow #2
Bingham Hill Chamisa #2