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Selling art is a whole new ball game these days. Some marketing experts confer that marketing your artwork via your social network is the best avenue. I prefer this approach, as it brings a level of intimacy that one does not find through galleries and online art marketing venues. And the closer one gets to a "heart to heart" connection, the more success there is all around, in my opinion.

My desire is to continue in my quest to uplift people with my artistic creations - my colors, my energy, my love of the flora and fauna that surround us, and my love for humanity. If you would like to help me in this quest, and benefit financially in the process, please consider this opportunity to function as my Art Rep.

I will give a 15% commission to any of my friends who orchestrate a sale for me. The sale can be any amount, from a simple $75 print to a large $5000(or more) painting. Below is a list of typical pricing for types of artwork that I provide, along with the amount that a 15% commission would bring.

Please keep in mind, the commission is only given on the price of the artwork, and not the additional costs of sales tax, shipping crate, and shipping expense. Note: it is not prohibitive to ship large paintings across the country. A recent shipment of a 36 x 48 painting to New York from Colorado was just $240. I can get quotes on shipping overseas. For more information, please contact me @ 303-494-4462. Thank you!

Type of Artwork
Average Sale Price
15% Commission
Large Still Life or Landscape
Medium sized Still Life or Landscape
Oil Portrait of two people
Pastel Portrait of two people