Growing up in a household with two artist parents was, to say the least, a dream come true, for I was born with the artist spirit and blossomed well under their creative nurturing. My father, Wayne K. Blickenstaff , currently a writer, was an illustrator and fine artist in the “hey day” of commercial illustration before photography became the popular mode of advertising and made life difficult for the illustrators. Magically he managed to support our family and give myself and my two brothers a good artistic foundation. My mother, Betty Evans Cook, was (and is still) a fine artist and filled my head with all sorts of creative ideas through her own overflowing creativity.

Throughout my early years I had numerous art instructions from my parents and other professionals and eventually attended Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia for a year and a half in the mid-seventies. Immediately after my stint in college I headed to Colorado and began my art career in earnest.

My professional career has spanned thirty four years so far and has included illustration, graphic design, mural painting, teaching, and fine art. Portraiture has remained my passion and become my specialty. Whatever the environing conditions of life, you can always find me behind an “art desk” of one kind or another, be it an easel, a camera lens or a computer!

I have exhibited in many art shows over the years and have won many awards, the most recent being the Lorenzo di Medici Presidents Award at the 2007 Biennale in Florence, Italy.

Through art, my goal is to express two things: reverence for all forms of life and the loving relationships which they form, and recognition of the light and love that pervades all.

I am a very spiritually motivated person. I participate regularly in a group service meditation called Transmission Meditation and I am involved with the non-profit group Share International.

Gina Blickenstaff


  • Book Illustration - Watercolor and Ink
  • Story Illustration - Pastel
  • Story Illustration - Watercolor and Ink
  • Illustration for Newspaper Column - Pen and Ink
  • Program Cover - Pen and Ink
  • T-Shirt Design - Fine Art and Digital
  • CD Cover - Pastel
  • CD Cover - Fine Art and Digital
  • Christmas Card - Pen and Ink
  • Postcard for Publishing Company - Colored Pencil
  • Illustration for Newspaper Article - Oil Painting
  • Story Illustration - Colored Pencil
  • Beer Company Label - Pastel
  • Postcard for Publishing Company - Colored Pencil
  • Promotional Piece for Builder
  • Newsletter
  • Landscape Company Design
  • Poster
  • Magazine Ad
  • Newspaper Ad
  • T-Shirt Design
  • CD Cover
  • Poster
  • Business Card - Front and Back
  • Landscape Company Design
  • Banner
  • Promotional Piece
  • Postcard
  • Promotional Piece for Design Co
  • Mock-up for a Coupon Magazine
  • Mock-up for a Coupon Magazine
  • Mock-up for a Coupon Magazine
  • Promotional Flyer with tear tabs
  • Animated Gif for Coupon Magazine
  • Banner for Website
  • Georgiana - Airbrush and Ink
  • Banner for Website
  • Banner for Website
  • E-Newsletter
  • Mural in Progress
  • Mural with Local Scenery and Animals
  • Mural of Tuscany
  • Mural for Children's Area of Business
  • Mural for Parade of Homes
  • Portrait Mural
  • Mural Designs for Boy's Room
  • Frank and Bunthorne - Oil on Canvas
  • Girl with Teddy - Airbrush and Ink
  • Georgiana - Airbrush and Ink
  • Boy in Tree - Airbrush and Ink
  • Jennifer - Watercolor and Ink
  • The Martins - Oil on Canvas
  • Laura - Airbrush and Ink
  • Nicholas - Airbrush and Ink